Does your child have sleep disordered breathing?

Being a parent is hard. We are all trying to do what is right by our child and it can be difficult to find consistent and trustworthy information. As dentists, we can recognize signs of disordered sleep, breathing and swallowing during your child’s dental evaluation. We can provide a solution that will not only benefit your child’s dental health, but can also improve sleep, behaviour, and overall health by increasing the amount of oxygen that your child intakes.

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What’s involved in treatment?

Treatment for a child with sleep disordered breathing or poor habits usually involves a combination of therapies. A team of practitioners may be needed depending on how your child presents including their dentist, myofunctional therapist, speech therapist, sleep specialist or Ear Nose and Throat specialist (ENT).

For the dental therapy, we utilize a combination of the Healthy Start habit corrector (specialized myofunctional mouth guard) and dental expanders that work while your child is growing. The goal of our treatment is reach the optimum tongue posture, breathing pattern and develop the shape of the mouth such that the arch shape is conducive to improved breathing and swallowing. The initial treatment is approximately 6 months depending on the child and extent of the issue.

Once habit correction and arch expansion is complete, your child could be suitable for early orthodontics, Invisalign Grow. The long term goal of starting treatment early is to avoid unnecessary intervention later on such as surgical orthodontics, sleep apnea appliances and medications for behavioural issues.

  • Encourages nasal breathing

  • Trains tongue posture

  • Reduces snoring + grinding

  • Reduces bed wetting

  • Reduces ADHD behaviour

  • Straightens teeth while child grows

  • Opens airway

  • Eliminates thumb + finger sucking

  • Corrects open bite

  • Improves focus and grades

Is your child 6 years old or more?
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