Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto

The art of a natural smile

We believe in the beauty of the natural smile. Our cosmetic dentistry aims to respect what nature gave you and enhance your smile with minimally invasive and simple steps. By preserving your tooth structure and choosing treatments that are conservative, we can ensure longer lasting results that you can be confident with. We offer Invisalign, dental bonding, teeth whitening and veneers as part of our cosmetic dentistry services.

Talk to us today about how cosmetic dentistry can enhance your already beautiful teeth.

Case1: Replacement of old style Porcelain/Metal with two Emax aesthetic crowns. Dr. Whitaker.

Case 2: 10 months Invisalign to align lower front teeth. Dr. Whitaker.

Case 3: Toothwear caused by grinding restored with six layered zirconia crowns. Dr. Iyer. 

Case 4: Dark front teeth camouflaged with layered zirconia crowns. Dr. Iyer. 

Case 5: Teeth whitening. Dr. Whitaker.

Case 6: Stained bonding refreshed in one appointment. Dr. Whitaker.

Case 7: Invisalign followed by eight Emax veneers. Dr. Iyer. 

Case 8: Two layered zirconia crowns to correct discolouration due to childhood injury. Dr. Iyer.

Case 9: Dental implant, gum recontouring and two layered zirconia crowns. Front tooth had an injury during childhood and was fractured at root level. Dr. Iyer.

Case 10: Layered zirconia crowns to address severe acid erosion and chipping. Dr. Iyer. 

Case 11: Invisalign followed by two Emax veneers for peg laterals. Dr. Iyer.

Case 12: Laser gum reshaping & two Emax veneers to replace stained bonding. Dr. Whitaker.