Guide your child’s teeth as they grow

Dentistry is changing. Braces doesn’t need to wait until your child has all of their adult teeth.

Using Invisalign Grow, you can align your child’s teeth, expand their arch size and shape while they grow. Not only does this pro-active method of orthodontics benefit your child’s dental health, but is also proven to have better long-term results and can improve sleep and breathing.

Unlike braces, the ideal time to start is 7 years old, when the first adult teeth are about to erupt.
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What is Invisalign Grow?

We take the pro-active approach to orthodontic dental development. We know that children go through different phases of growth in early childhood and that there are big benefits to starting orthodontic treatment early.

Starting at 7 years (when the first adult teeth come in), we can expand the dental arch/jaw, correct teeth that are in positions that can cause harm and start the process of creating a facial profile and smile that is in harmony. For children aged 3+ with no spaces or sleep / breathing issues, see our Healthy Start page.

The goal of Invisalign Grow treatment is to guide the teeth, dental arches and jaws as they grow. When you move teeth early, the gums and bone will accept the new position and are far less likely to relapse or become crooked in adulthood. Using clear aligners and other expanders, we complete treatment in two main phases, with maintenance in between.

PHASE 1: Aligners are worn day and night for approximately 6-12 months. We expand the dental arches to make space for adult teeth, align the front 4 adult teeth (giving better long term stability) and move any teeth that are in traumatic bite (cross-bite, bucky teeth, deep overbite). Once the dentist’s goals are met, we move into night time aligner wear while we wait for the remaining adult teeth to come in. During this time we continue to improve the expansion, jaw growth and bite development.

PHASE 2: Once your child is dentally ready, we move back into day and night aligners for approximately 6-12 months. During this time we finalize the alignment of the teeth and bite. Once completed, retainers are worn at night.

Treatment is typically completed one year on, two years night, one year on (or less). By 13 years old, children are completed their orthodontic journey, usually when their friends are just starting treatment.