What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy aims to re-educate the tongue and muscles of the mouth and face.
It’s like “physiotherapy” for the tongue and muscles.

The goal of therapy is for you to breathe bettersleep better and have less pain.
Treatment is available for adults, teens and children.

Meet your therapist

Carla Peluffo is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist. She is passionate about helping patients achieve optimal overall health.

Carla understands that the way we breathe, swallow and the oral habits we have contribute to our sleep health, growth and facial development. Carla is experienced in helping patients with re-training their habits. She has a relaxed and non-judgemental approach to treatment and welcomes all enquiries.

Carla Peluffo offers in-person Myofunctional Therapy at our Bitehaus Hillsdale location. Prior to getting started, we recommend booking a complimentary virtual consultation via the link below.

Patient Feedback

“Letting you know J had his tongue release surgery yesterday and it went very very well. He was very brave and immediately back to his chatty and energetic self. We immediately saw the impact of his months of hard work with Carla. You’ll be proud to see his caves now!

Fun myofunctional event: In the OR room, J was asked to touch his toes before and after the operation. Post op, J did it with far less effort! We suspected whole body connection! Ha!” Tongue Tie Release with Myofunctional Therapy, Aged 8 years.