Thank you for considering the Bitehaus Dental team as your new clinic. We can’t wait to meet you. If you would like to arrange an appointment to see our dental team, whether it be for a checkup, specific concern or to discuss your treatment options, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Before you arrive we will send you a link to access our HIPAA compliant patient portal. Here you can fill out forms, see referral information and schedule appointments. For your convenience and to make your appointment more efficient, we request that you fill out  the NEW PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM and send us a copy of your INSURANCE CARD prior to your appointment. All information that is collected is confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your permission. You will also receive automatic confirmation email/text, please confirm this to secure your appointment. Failure to confirm the appointment may result in a lost appointment.

When you first visit our practice, we will confirm your insurance details with you. For those patients who are interested in financing or payment plans, we are partnered with Dentalcard.

During your comprehensive new patient examination, your dentist Aisling, Anand, Farrah or Alex will conduct a thorough examination of the current health of your teeth and gums, will chart any existing fillings and fixtures, take appropriate low dose digital x-rays and a set of intra-oral photographs. Another extremely important, and often under-reported role of your dental examination is the screening of more serious dental conditions such as oral cancer, gum disease (periodontitis) and any infections that may be present.

At our practice, preventative care is a priority so we suggest that your routine incorporates regular hygiene visits. Our hygienists Carla, Fiona, Elyse and Kristina (L-R in picture) each have ten or more years experience and are up to date with advanced methods including ultrasonic and laser treatments. They will guide you through how to keep your mouth healthy on a daily basis and can recommend techniques and products suitable for your needs.

We encourage our patients to openly discuss their dental queries and expectations with us. Your dental visit is a good opportunity to ask your dentist about any dental treatments, concerns or questions you may have. During your visit your dentist will discuss your personalised treatment plan.

We are experienced and sympathetic in dealing with each patient’s anxieties and pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with our patients. If you are nervous about treatment, or have had any previous difficulty with dental treatment, we encourage you to communicate this to us at your visit. We endeavor to create a friendly and relaxing environment to help deliver a positive dental experience for all our patients. Find out more about our team and our patients comforts.


  • Patient portal login

  • New patient registration form

  • Dental insurance card emailed to us

  • Confirm via automated text


We accept all major Canadian dental insurance providers. We encourage patients to familiarise themselves with their insurance including their maximums and limitations. While it is not the responsibility of the clinic to track your insurance we will try our best to keep an eye on it. We recommend that you also do the same. Ultimately, our primary concern is oral health which does not always line up with coverage. Read more about Insurance and Financing.


Mon*8:30 – 5:00
Tues-Wed10:30 – 7:00
Thurs-Fri8:30 – 5:00
Sat**8:30 – 2:00

*St Clair only. **Two per month.