General oral care

For general care, we recommend brushing twice per day with an electric sonic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. When choosing an electric toothbrush, choose one with a pressure sensor and sensitive setting. For patients with a preference for manual toothbrushes, we recommend curaprox ultra soft. Along with brushing, thorough cleaning between the teeth with interdental brushes or slim tape-like floss is advised. Many patients also love the water flosser as an add on, especially those with braces, dental implants or bridges.


Flouride is a mineral that binds to and strengthens enamel and thereby protects it against cavities and sensitivity. Generally for toothpaste, it is important to know how abrasive/gritty it is, and to choose one with a low RDA. For standard use, any low abrasive fluoride toothpaste is good. For enamel that has acid erosion, pronamel. For general sensitivity, we like repair and protect. For severe or localized sensitivity, rapid relief. For cavity prone adults, choose a higher mineral toothpaste such as prevident. Xylitol is a cavity fighting ingredient that works by neutralizing the bacteria in the mouth. As it is a sugar, the bacteria try to use it as a food source, but in fact they can’t metabolise xylitol. This results in a lower level of cavity-causing bacteria, and a higher level of friendly bacteria which only gets better with time. We particularly like Remin for adults with acid erosion.

Children’s products

  • 0-12m finger brush, banana brush or ultra soft toothbrush with NO toothpaste; use a cold feeder for teething
  • 12-36m soft manual brush with training or xylitol toothpaste with NO flouride – Hello toothpaste or Cariø
  • 36m+ for children who can spit, we like pronamel kids for it’s higher mineral content
  • 6yr+ we recommend adult toothpaste

Extra helpers

  • Superfloss or threaded floss are great options for cleaning around orthodontic wires, retainers and dental bridges.
  • Gum stimulators are a great way to massage and firm up the gums.
  • Oral probiotics, such as biogaia prodentis, are a profound way of changing the bacterial environment of your mouth. If taken daily, they promote fresh breath, reduce gum disease and cavity risk by 50%.
  • For mouth rinse, we recommend the xpur opti-rinse range for both gum disease and cavity protection.
  • For patients with sensitivity or white freckling on their teeth, we like MI paste used overnight in custom trays

Overall wellness

These are some of the accessories we find help manage jaw pain, posture and sleep.