Sore muscles, headaches, difficulty chewing? We can help!

Do you have TMD Facial Pain?

A leading cause of pain in the muscles of the face and in the jaw joint is caused by clenching or grinding the teeth (bruxism). Many people are not even aware of this habit as it often occurs at night. Over time, you can over exercise the muscles in the face leading to powerful clenching muscles. This can have a knock on effect of headaches, jaw ache, cracklines in the teeth, chipping teeth and more. It’s best to treat it early to prevent deterioration in the teeth and jaw.

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Signs and Symptoms of TMD Facial Pain

  • Headaches or Migranes

  • Pain in the facial muscles or jaw joint

  • Chewing through nightguards

  • Chipping teeth

  • Clicking or locking jaw

  • Difficulty chewing hard or chewy foods

tmd facial pain